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Online Orders

  1. We ship to all US destinations. International locations are not covered presently.
  2. We ship free for all orders worth more than USD 100 (net price, after any applicable discounts and offers). For all other orders, shipping fees of USD 10 per order would apply.
  3. Online orders would usually be dispatched within one working day. We will email / text you dispatch schedule along with an order confirmation once the order is placed.
  4. Once the item has been shipped, we will email / text you consignment details and expected delivery date
  5. We also provide a pick up option. You can place the order online and we will hold the item for you to pick up from our store at your convenience.


  1. All items that require assembly would ship with relevant instruction manual
  2. We would be happy to assist you with assembly, customization or usage information for any item you have purchased from our store
  3. We also produce and upload training videos for climbing gear and accessories from time to time. Please check out website for details of the same.
  4. We offer a FREE gear inspection and assessment service at our store. If you are planning a climb or have returned from one and need to assess the condition and trustworthiness of any of your climbing equipment, our experts would be happy to help you.


  1. Unless otherwise specified, manufacturer warranty terms would apply on all items
  2. Where manufacturer warranty terms are being availed, Miyar Outdoor Gear store would only act as a facilitator and all decisions would be made by the manufacturer.
  3. You would need to provide us with purchase verification details for us to honor the warranty terms. ID and phone number or email would suffice in most cases.
  4. Please read the manufacturer terms and instructions related to product usage and warranty carefully before using the product. Please ensure you are in compliance with the same. Miyar Outdoor Gear store would not be liable for any warranty voidance on account of incorrect usage resulting from insufficient or incorrect product information.


  1. We offer a 30-days ‘no-questions-asked’ product return policy.
  2. The product needs to be in pristine condition and should be returned with all packing accessories for the return policy to be availed
  3. For certain items, due to practical considerations, return policy would not apply except when covered by warranty terms. ‘NO RETURN’ would be explicitly mentioned for such items. Return policy would apply for all other items.
  4. Shipping charges for return would have to be borne by customer. Any shipping charges applied during product purchase would also be deducted from the refund amount on product return.
  5. If we are not in a position to honor a product return on account of product condition, missing accessories or “NO RETURN” policy we will re-ship the original product to the customer. Reshipping charges in such cases would also need to be borne by the customer.


  1. We would collect a deposit of $50 per rental item. For high value items, we would need a deposit that is commensurate with the price of the item.
  2. The deposit would be returned upon return of the rented item. Any damages to the item (other than normally expected wear and tear) would be deducted.
  3. Total rent plus deductions on an item would always be capped at the actual price for the item (disregarding any discounts or offers in vogue at the time of renting).
  4. Rental reservations can be canceled without any penalty up to four days before commencement of the rent period. 50% of the rent shall be forfeited up to one day before the rent. From previous day onwards, full rental amount shall be forfeited.

    (For example, assume you make a reservation on 5th October to rent an item from 15th October to 26th October, at a rate of $10 per day. If you cancel the reservation on 14th October, full renal would apply for 15 and 16. 50% rental would apply for 17 and 18. No rental penalty would apply for the remaining days)

  5. We take every effort to rent only quality and reliable equipments in very reliable condition. All rental issues and preceded and succeeded by a detailed quality inspection for damages and useworthiness. Miyar however would not be liable for any damages or accidents (including loss of life) that results from inadequate or defective performance of any item rented from us. Climbing and outdoor adventures are inherently risky affairs and responsibility for safety and liability for accidents ultimately falls on the climber or organizer.

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